From Digital Rendering to Final Product

We offer free design consultations!

Using modern technology, our designers are able to create a digital design rendering of how our products would appear on your home. All of our designs are done online, and the final product will replicate the design mock up. There is no need to for an on-site inspection. Please contact us with your address and city if you would like us to send you a few designs or if you have any questions.

Font Selections

Our company offers a variety of different fonts, from the full scriptive fonts to more modern fonts. We are able to manufacture nearly any font, style or artwork. The eight fonts above are the most commonly ordered styles. We always recommend to minimize the available font options, as this may cause difficulties selecting and/or finalizing a design. If you have a custom font in mind, please let us know and we will gladly send you the design using the requested font.

Standard Sizes 


The standard address length for a single car garage (8') is 72" and a double car garage (16'), would be 84". 

Note: The height of the address is proportional to the length, and will be based on two variables: the amount of letters and numbers in the address, and the font selected. The height is calculated from the highest point to the lowest point in the address, and not by individual characters.

Please contact us if you require a custom designed product.